Fall 2017 Classes

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

thru December 30, 2017

Studio Closed
Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day

General All Levels Saturday Sampler


First Saturday of the Month:  Jason

Second Saturday of the Month:  Jennifer

Third Saturday of the Month:  Angie

Fourth Saturday of the Month:  Jayne

Fifth Saturday of the Month:  Kate

Each Teacher will teach in their own particular Style for All Levels of Students

Saturday Classes WILL RUN December 23 & 30
Come On!

Classical Hatha Yoga

‘One Pose at a Time’ Yoga
Proper Technique  –  Learn to Relax

Mondays:  8:45-10:00am  –  Level 1/2  (Kate)
Thursdays:  6:00-7:15pm  –  Level 1/2   (Angie)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sun Salutation based Classes
Build Core Strength – Upper Body Strength – Relax & Flow!

New!!  Thursdays:  8:45-10:00am  –  Level I  (Angie)
New!!  Mondays:  6:00 – 7:15pm  –  Level 1/2  (Jennifer)

Gentle Yoga Offerings



Gentle Flowing Style of Yoga – Ease Low Back Pain

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Synchronize Breath & Movement for Profound Relaxation

Tuesdays:  6:00–7:15pm (Jason)


Noon Restorative Yoga

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Yin Hatha Style
Relax and Let the Props Do the Work

Mondays:  Noon – 1:00pm (Kate)
Thursdays:  Noon – 1:00pm  (Jayne & Kate – Alternate)

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 First Class is Always FREE @ Martin Yoga!
Drop In a Few Minutes before the Scheduled Start of Class.
We will get you a spot on the Floor.
Bring a Yoga Sticky Mat. All Other Props are Provided.