Fall 2017 Classes

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

thru December 31, 2017

Studio Closed
Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day

General All Levels Saturday Sampler


Each Teacher will teach in their own particular Style for All Levels of Students

Saturday Classes WILL RUN December 23 & 30
Come On!

Classical Hatha Yoga

‘One Pose at a Time’ Yoga
Proper Technique  –  Learn to Relax

Mondays:  8:45-10:00am  –  Level 1/2  (Kate)
Thursdays:  6:00-7:15pm  –  Level 1/2   (Angie)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sun Salutation based Classes
Build Core Strength – Upper Body Strength – Relax & Flow!

New!!  Thursdays:  8:45-10:00am  –  Level I  (Angie)
New!!  Mondays:  6:00 – 7:15pm  –  Level 1/2  (Jennifer)

Gentle Yoga Offerings



Gentle Flowing Style of Yoga – Ease Low Back Pain

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Synchronize Breath & Movement for Profound Relaxation

Tuesdays:  6:00–7:15pm (Jason)


Noon Restorative Yoga

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Yin Hatha Style
Relax and Let the Props Do the Work

Mondays:  Noon – 1:00pm (Kate)
Thursdays:  Noon – 1:00pm  (Jayne & Kate – Alternate)

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 First Class is Always FREE @ Martin Yoga!
Drop In a Few Minutes before the Scheduled Start of Class.
We will get you a spot on the Floor.
Bring a Yoga Sticky Mat. All Other Props are Provided.