Punch Cards

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2018 Punch Cards

Five Class Punch for Brand New Students!

5 Class Punch  =  $35 (Good for 30 Days)
Great Stocking Stuffers! 

Five Class Punch Cards
work really well with our Friday Evening Raw Beginners Class Series

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Returning 2018 Students

10 Class Punch  =  $75.00  (Good for 3 Months)
Average of ‘about’ Once a Week Monthly Attendance

25 Class Punch  =  $175.00  (Good for 4 Months)
Average of ‘about’ Twice a Week Attendance

Choose the Punch Card that most closely fits YOUR predicted Attendance Schedule!
You may purchase a New Card if you Use It Up prior to the Expiration Date
Completely Flexible Attendance!

Expiration Dates for 2018 Cards

5 Class Punch Card    –    Good for 30 Days
New Student Introductory Card

10 Class Punch Card    –    Good for 3 months
25 Class Punch Card    –    Good for 4 months

 PUNCH CARDS Must Be Brought to Class
All 2018 Punch Card expiration dates calculated from January 2
(or date of first 2018 Class), if purchased in December of 2018.

Paying for your PUNCH CARDS

Punch Cards may be purchased before or after Classes
Please Stop In!

(Note: We do not accept MC/Visa – Check or Cash Only)


Families are Welcome to Share ALL Punch Cards
Must reside in same Household


Use all your Punches BEFORE the Expiration Date?
No Problem – Come in and Purchase any other Card

Have Punches left AFTER the Expiration Date?
We are sorry, but we cannot extend Punches for any other reason than
serious medical issue or death in immediate family.
Please plan your Punch Card purchases accordingly.
A new Punch Card will have to be purchased if the one your are holding has Expired.

Any Instructor May Sell You a Punch Card
Before or After Class


Class Cards are not Refundable
Lost Class Cards are the sole responsibility of the Class Card Holder


2017 Class Cards
Expire on December 31, 2017

Our Gift to You – 30 Day Grace Period!

2017 Punches May Be Carried Over Until January 31, 2018

‘Carry Over’ of 2017 Punches Allowed
IF a 2018 Punch Card (10 or 25) has been purchased.

We realize that many of your supported us via Monthly Payments
through 2016 and 2017.  We thank you!  Now that we are established and

able to transition into ALL PUNCH CARD ATTENDANCE,
we would like to help you get in all the 2017 Yoga you paid for.

You are Appreciated