Winter Workshops

Yoga with your Sweetheart

February 17, 2018
Saturday:  2-4pm

Grab your Honey
Run to this Workshop!

Laugh and Learn
FUN Partner Stretches
Trade some “Melt-those-Muscles” Amazing Massage Moves

Comfortable for All Levels of Yogis
Raw Beginner to Advanced

Enjoy Getting Away from the Grind
Connect to Your Partner with
Heart Centered Touch

Share Relaxation, Healthy Movement & Gentle Stretching Together!

Cost:  $25/Couple

Limit:  8 Couples

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This Workshop is SOLD OUT

Learn How to Yoga Breathe

Friday Evening:  6:00-8:00pm

January 12, 2018

Yoga Breathing Benefits Your Health MORE than Yoga Poses!
But, sadly, even most Advancing Students do not know how to do it properly.
Studio Owner, Kate Healy Dykes, will be presenting
Five different Yoga Breathing Techniques
in this Workshop.

Come Detoxify Your Body’s Organs, Lift Your Mood, Calm Your Mind,
Support Better Sleep and Lengthen Your Spine.

Beginners Welcome!
Techniques will be performed lying down, sitting on a chair or seated on the floor.

Cost:  $20
Includes Course Booklet containing Detailed Instructions

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